SnapshotsLearning to Count

Àrızøña Ský taking the time to teach his little buddy to count, not just to 10 but to 100. Always being a big brother to the little guys here. We are so proud of the work you do!

Fly On The WallSnapshotsThanksCommunity BBQ

The rain couldn’t stop all these amazing people from coming out to the Community BBQ this past Saturday. Thank you to Smokehaus Meats for providing all of the amazing hamburgers we had to opportunity to serve to the 200+ people that came out. We also want to thank each and every volunteer who helped make this such a fantastic day despite the weather!


Big thank you to Sherri Boychuk, Rita Boychuk and Boychuk Greenhouses for the amazing donation of flower, veggies and herbs for our gardens here! The kids had a great time learning about the different plants and putting them into the ground. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped plant everything.

Clothing Donations Needed

Anyone with some gently used seasonally appropriate clothing can bring their donations down to Hands On as our clothing room shelves are looking empty.

From The TrenchesWishlist/Necessities

We would be honored to receive the following items:

  • mayo & relish
  • bleach
  • onion powder
  • cheese slices
  • onions
  • eggs
  • gently used clothing
  • potatoes
  • ziploc bags (sandwich size)
  • wholegrain cereals
  • minute rice
  • hamburger
  • financial blessings
  • paper plates 
  • instant pudding mix
  • dish soap
  • paper towel
  • baby food/formula
  • canned tomatoes
  • canned corn & vegetables
  • canned fruit
  • canned kidney beans, green & black beans
  • fresh vegetables (onions, radishes, peas, corn, baby carrots, cucumbers etc.)
  • fresh fruit (watermelons, strawberries, bananas, apples, oranges etc)
  • canned chicken noodle soup
  • canned mushroom soup
  • juice crystals & fruit juice
  • garbage bags (small & large)

Thank You & God Bless!