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From The TrenchesMiracles needed!

To all friends and family. We at Hands On ask you to join us as we continue to pray for an accountant to assist with our year end and ongoing tax obligations. If you or someone you know might be interested, please call or have them call us at 306-653-4182.

From The TrenchesThanksNewsletter – January 2017

From The TrenchesEncouragement from the past

“Good to see rick still giving light to kids in the hood, like he did for me when I was a young boy in the hood, took a bunch of us hood boys outta the hood camping and a whole lotta stuff we Neva would of able to experience, lots of love for hands on” […]

From The TrenchesBlessings

We are so blessed to have had the privilege to be involved in so many dynamic lives: “I remember 28 years ago your safe place for kids was on 20th street and you had impacted my life knowing we had such a great man in the community my mom told me to send you this […]

From The TrenchesSome kind words from a dynamic man from many years ago

“Hey rick glad to see your keeping up the good work, you were an inspiration 22 years ago and still are I remember spending time when you were on 20th street so many years ago when I was in a bad place and trying to find my footing,keep up the good work it does make […]