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Fly On The WallSnapshotsThanksCreator’s class

Creator’s Class this week included a game, colouring and a magic trick with water in a cup. Thank you Ken & Denise Klassen! -Rick, Tyler, Rena & The Board of Directors

Fly On The WallSnapshotsCreator’s Class

At Creator’s class the children learned about love and made heart shaped waffles with Ken & Denise Klassen. -Rick, Tyler, Rena & The Board of Directors

Fly On The WallSnapshotsThanksFamily Volunteering

Thank you to the Dirpaul family for coming out to volunteer their time with our kids and in the kitchen this past Friday. Once again it was awesome to have you all!

Fly On The WallSnapshotsThanksPony Rides

A big thank you goes out to MIchael & Michelle Fleury and their daughters of Fleury’s Frontier Adventures for bringing their amazing horses here to teach out kids and give them rides around our back yard! The kids were abuzz all night talking about how much fun they had and which horse was their favorite.

Fly On The WallSnapshotsRaking for stars

Our kids helping out and earning stars on the Star Chart…with a bit of assistance from a couple amazing volunteers.