Speaking OpportunitiesSpeaking at Ignite The Life Youth Rally

What a privilege to be part of such an amazing group of presenters at the Ignite The Life youth suicide prevention rally this week. The only thing more amazing than the presenters…the awesome youth we had the privilege of sharing with. What an honor to speak to some our future leaders.


An attentive group of youth listening to Rick speak.

Rick shared with a group of 120 youth during the Friday afternoon breakout session.


The Miracle Box brings everything from tears to laughter and a whole lot of smiles from everyone young or old.

Rick telling one of many youth that were lined up, “you are God’s greatest miracle!”

120 youth lining up to see inside the Miracle Box after the presentation. What is the Miracle Box? God’s greatest gift to us! Inside the box is a lighted makeup mirror shining their face back to them.

Some of the little guys weren’t tall enough to look in the Miracle Box on the table so Rick brought it down to their level.


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